So it begins again

Last Sunday 18th March I was supposed to run the Reading Half Marathon. My cousin had persuaded me to do it back in November after I had completed the Great South Run. I thought why not, it’s only another 3 Miles! Well Christmas came as did life and I didn’t start training again until 8 weeks ago! I found a training plan and for once I stuck to it running 4 times a week and completing all the distances it recommended. I felt ready.

Imagine my frustration when it then started snowing, surely it wouldn’t settle, two lots of snow in two weeks never happens. My cousin had travelled down from York, we were ready.

We woke up Sunday morning, one look out the window confirmed my worries that it would be cancelled as there was a lot of snow! Sure enough at 7am we had official confirmation. I didn’t realise until I wasn’t eating my porridge (which I detest but convince myself on race days is the best) that I was actually really gutted this was cancelled.

Having once again suffered with PND after Phoebes traumatic birth the running has really helped my mental health while helping me lose the baby weight. So rather than sit around and be happy it was cancelled I decided I needed another challenge!

As many of you know I am also a trustee for ICP Support, a charity close to my heart as I have them to thank for the safe arrival of both my gorgeous children. I know some friends and even family still don’t get why I am so involved with the charity but anyone who has faced a diagnosis where there may be a risk to your much wanted and unborn baby will realise why I do what I do. Not only this we know now through research that Phoebe will be likely to be affected by the condition. So while I have my perfect family I’m working hard to ensure Phoebe doesn’t suffer the same and for all this women who will also be diagnosed.

This brings me back to me sitting here last Sunday in my pjs not running a half marathon setting my next running challenge. Those of you who followed my 500km feat three years ago will know I am stubborn and determined. Not happy with just entering another half which I have done in April I have decided I will compete in at least one event per month for the next 10months. I’ve created my fundraising page (see link below) and I intend to blog throughout.

Thank you if you have read to the end! I don’t profess to be good at writing (in fact this was probably my weakest subject at school) I’m no comedian either but if you want to follow me then that would be amazing.

Jen xx