Rain and Mud

It’s 1.59am and I am currently sat downstairs with a wide awake Phoebe who is having a bad night, could it be the introduction of Soya milk, her cold or just a bad dream, who knows but why not use this time to update you on my latest run!

After a rocky start to the week where I had a few of my “episodes” shall we call them, people sneeze, I can pass out, you know completely normal occurrences! Don’t panic I am under a specialist to try and figure out what on Earth it could be! Anyway after a few of these at the beginning of the week I was feeling like I needed to get out and do something! When I started this challenge I was worrying I wouldn’t fit in something in March so I booked whatever I could find which happened to be Wednesdays event, the fact that in the mean time I had completed a 10km the week before is by the by!!

This was a timed trial again back at Dinton Pastures. 6 hours to run as many laps as you wanted and let’s be honest it was the promise of a chocolate goody bag at the end which really attracted me. I wake up Wednesday morning to find it is pouring with rain and doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon. Knowing how muddy Dinton was the previous week I knew after another few days of rain I was in for an interesting time, I could have decided there and then to not go, I had done my event for this month really! But no, on what can only be described as the wetttest and coldest Wednesday this March I set off at 8am. Even when I was stuck in crazy traffic looking at the rain I still continued. I made it with minutes to spare, said hi to some lovely fellow Reading joggers (I keep up with the group on Facebook but haven’t been for so long because of the timing of training) pinned my number and bar code on and listened to the briefing. I looked around, everyone had waterproofs on, most had trail shoes and some looked like that had more layers than the Michelin man! I had a vest top, thin trousers and my normal trainers assuring someone and myself I get really hot when running!!!

We set off, it was clear a lot of people were there to run the marathon distance and some even more so I felt in awe of these and inspired. The mud was vile, when it splashed in my face after running through a puddle which felt like it came up to my knees I knew it was going to be a hard run. My feet were wet within seconds, I was wet right through within minutes and it was hard. I only had to do one lap (3.3miles) to get a goody bag but there was no way I could do that. I started the second lap, by this point as you had to double back you were constantly meeting people on their next lap running so fast!!! This didn’t put me off as I have learnt that runners are kind, caring and most of all encouraging to fellow runners so words of support were offered by everyone you passed. Lap 2 and I was getting into my stride, may have been the jelly babies at the turn around point that helped! I was soaked and very muddy and anyone who knows me well knows I don’t really do rain or mud or mess but this felt strangely liberating. I had paced myself well to be able to complete a 3rd lap, another couple of jelly babies and I decided I was going to go for the 4th to get the half marathon. I needed to do this psychologically after Reading being cancelled and also having signed up to Southampton half. I was also acutely aware I only had a limited time in the car park!!

I did it, 4 Laps, 13.2 Miles, 2hours 33mins. It wasn’t my fastest half marathon time but in those conditions I was so happy. I was soaked to the bone and I was cold!! I collected my medal and more importantly my chocolate goody bad (Cadbury’s too even better)

I got in the car (so unprepared was I, I only bought a jumper to put on!) the heating on high and the heated seats on. I phoned my mum and dad, those who know my dad well know he is a seasoned runner, cross country, athletics, marathons. When I first started running he helped me so much, he got me round my first half marathon though he still stands by the fact it was the hardest thing he has done running wise as a man who once ran a whole marathon in 2hours 58 had to slow down considerably for me! Nonetheless it was amazing to run with my dad, I know he is proud of everything I do but he gets running and therefore I always felt he may be slightly prouder of that! Dad on the phone sounded super impressed (not a fake impressed) a genuine disbelief I had run in such horrendous conditions but that I had gone on to do a half marathon and not stopped at the 10km which I said was my aim. With all the mud and wet I felt like a proper runner.

I celebrated my run with a couple of Gins with friends Wednesday night, a great recovery remedy. Pre children I would have spent the next day a bit more chilled etc now it was a trip to Legoland on Thursday instead! Kept my legs going I suppose and so I didn’t feel too warm and dry another day of being soaked through!

I’m really enjoying getting back into running, not only is it helping the weight loss it’s giving me some time to be me. Of course I have the best job in the world as mum to George and Phoebe but sometimes being Jen is fab too.

Well that was a long one today. It’s 2.24 and Phoebe is still awake. Andy has taken over so I’m going to get some sleep. Thank you once again for taking the time to read this. I am contemplating a 10km in two weeks April 15th and this time it’s not Laps! I need a change. If not I’m counting down to the Southampton half on the 22nd.

I’m going to enjoy lots of chocolate on Sunday as a day off slimming world and I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break.

If you feel inspired to sponsor me I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you.