A Pb and pasty in Port Isaac

So it’s still the Easter holidays and we decided to come and take a break in Port Isaac, a very special place to us both now after Andy introducing the village to me very quickly after we had met. Andy grew up holidaying here as it has a great deal of family history for him, his Grandad Dudley was a child here and it was down in this neck of the woods that he opened his first pharmacy. Andy bought me here about three months into our relationship. I remember it so clearly, I was still trying to impress him and be on top form obviously so when he said pack light there is a large hill to go down and up with luggage I just laughed and said I had spent years on holidays in the mountains so wasn’t scared of a hill. Little did I know it wasn’t a Hill but a vertical descent to the cottage we would be staying in! I had worn heels and clearly hadn’t packed light, I was determined for him not to notice the challenge this faced and wouldn’t let him carry my bag either!! Fast forward 9 years and I am so happy to say I can walk the hill with Phoebe on my front in record time now I’m getting fitter again. We also went out to dinner on Tuesday night and found the bench we sat at that first holiday so many years ago! Little did we realise back in July 2009 where we would be in April 2018!

Although holidays with two children aren’t quite the relaxing break you envisage time away from the normal routine is perfect, George adores this place and we are so lucky to have the house that is a home from home for him so he doesn’t worry about where we are staying. We asked him earlier in the year where he would rather go at Easter, Disneyland or Cornwall, he very quickly said Cornwall so who could argue. We have been even luckier with the weather, reports from Back Home of rain and grey skies etc have been met with us saying how sunny it’s been and Photos of blue sky, I will be the first to admit Cornwall is a whole different place in the rain!! It’s meant we have been able to do lots of walks, including being on the beach for 9.30am Sunday morning to see the lifeboat go out on exercise, George was able to get in the boat first and then watch it launch, I think that’s made his year! We have been able to visit the Eden Project and George’s favourite outdoor fun location of Crealys. I have enjoyed a scone with cream then jam (sorry Cornwall I’m the Devon way) and a pasty (for any of my fellow challenge mummies this was at the weekend before it started again!)

I needed to run this week and after a stressful phonecall from West Berks council regarding George’s EHCP (short story he has been rejected again because he is in a private school) they are messing with the wrong person as I’m ready for this next battle I decided to go for an evening run. Andy kindly volunteered to do dinner bath and bed for the children so I could escape. I drove to wadebridge and set off on the camel trail. It was a warm evening and the sky and clouds etc were stunning. I couldn’t take pictures I needed to concentrate! I set off and just ran, I set my watch to a predicted finish time and when I saw 57mins I knew I had to keep pushing: somehow I made it at 56.49! That’s a brand new pb for this distance ever! I was so excited and pleased with myself.

I’m all set for the woodley 10km on Sunday morning, it’s a 9am start which is crazy but then it’s done! That’s one of April’s events!

Since I last wrote I have been featured in our local online newspaper, very strange to see your photo pop up on the page! If you haven’t read it the link is below, it reminds me yet again why I am doing what I am doing. To raise money for the amazing ICP Support so if you have enjoyed my blog how about sponsoring me for my next two events:

April 15th Woodley 10km

April 22nd Southampton half marathon

Thank you once again for reading. I’m off to work on my next assignment, deadline of Friday!!