Month 2 begins

As April started I realised this wasn’t a small challenge I had undertaken. One organised event a month soon seems to have become two! So 10 in 10 has developed into 20 in 10! Once it was written in our local paper I figured I had better just get on with it. Today saw the first of the April events, a 10km in Woodley. I woke up this morning and I really wasn’t feeling it at all, tired, a pain in my calf and a muzzy ear….. but my amazing Dad picked me up and took us to the event. Dad is amazing and I know supports anything I do but particularly running wise as this is his passion. In the car over he was telling me his fastest times, a mile in 4mins 22, half marathon in 1hr 23 and a marathon in 2hrs 58. I can tell you now I will never ever get to that speed and I am in awe of all he has achieved running wise. Having his support means so much.

It was a cold start and I really was aiming for under the hour just. I went off with the 60min pacer who was so lovely. I stayed with her until 7.5km when I had finally got into a pace. Then there was a long stretch with a very slight decline so I went off. The last km was tough but I felt good and I am so happy to have crossed the line at 57.27 chip time. The finish photos are horrendous and how on earth I double that distance and some next week I’m not sure about yet!! George’s only question when I got home, did you win mummy?

Luckily I don’t have time this week to worry about next Sunday, soft play, two days in work, physio for Phoebe and a local anaesthetic and the day in hospital to put in my heart monitor means I will be kept super busy. I think the lady on the phone at the hospital thought I was a bit nuts when I asked whether I could run a half marathon 5 days after having the monitor fitted!!! Important stuff.

Oh and then I had lots of my hair chopped off this afternoon. I needed a change!!

So wish me luck for next Sunday, if you feel you would like to sponsor me then please see the link below. Remember I’m doing all this crazy running to raise money to keep our amazing charity working towards ensuring Phoebe doesn’t have to go through what I went through.