Girls, Gin and The Great Escape

It’s been an up and down week really, I seem to have spent a considerable amount of time on the phone to various different people as we have appealed the result for George’s EHCP. For anyone not down with the lingo this is a plan that children with Special needs should have access to and it should be personalised for each child, it works in conjunction with their school so that everyone can work together to ensure they have the best access to education in order to succeed. As you can imagine anything set out and governed by the local council is never going to be a smooth process and after being rejected again for even an assessment we are appealing.

We are very lucky to have the most amazing support network around us of family and friends who are helping us at this time because I can tell you now it’s not easy. Every step of the way there seems to be something else to fight, another battle to have, more forms to fill in and more evidence to provide. Without the support of these people Andy and I would have probably crumbled by now, each day is a challenge anyway when you have a child with Special needs but to have all these obstacles thrown in the way makes it that bit more challenging, but we will get there and we will fight for George no matter what. Anyway sorry I presume you were intrigued by the title of this weeks blog not expecting a story of woe about the week!!

I felt so good after the half marathon, slightly sunburnt but I was able to walk on Monday even up and down stairs and my calf wasn’t in so much pain, my chest however was a different matter! I tried to run on Wednesday and it was so painful that I did a long walk instead. I presume most people who have heart monitors fitted don’t run half marathons 5 days later and I think I would now recommend it is not advisable!!

On to my title, this weekend was the hen party of ” one of the eleven” as we are affectionately known by my family and other friends. Steph was also my house mate for a few years and as we were all so fortunate to have been apart of the surprise proposal it was even more exciting. Starting with a gin masterclass is always going to be a winner though I have to admit neat gin is not my preferred way to consume the spirit!! Trying a variety of gins both neat and with tonic and additions was so much fun, I learnt a lot about botanicals and confirmed that I do not like liquorice in drinks! Lunch followed which was probably very well timed to mop up the gin and bubbles which were going down extremely well. It’s also so lovely to get together with the girls and I count myself the luckiest girl in the world to have these 10 by my side. We will celebrate our 25th anniversary next year, how many people can say they have 10 best friends they have known for that long?

We moved, some staggered on to our next activity, an escape room, divided into two teams I was lucky enough to be with the hen and our team entered “imaginarium” a room based around Alice in Wonderland. That is all I will say apart from the fact we escaped with 8mins to spare. So much fun and brilliant to work in a team. The evening saw more bubbles, lots of laughs and fun and games. We all did admit however as it got towards midnight that our stamina for big party nights is certainly lacking now!

Brunch this morning together was the perfect Sunday morning treat and a brilliant way to finish the weekend. Roll on the big day in June. Back Home to reality and my two monsters and Andy. George had the most amazing week at school which has meant a really tricky weekend, this isn’t unusual and Andy found a brilliant video that likened it to a Coke bottle and in school it gets shook up as the day goes on then opens when at home and explodes, poor Andy has had the explosion. I did however manage to get out and run on the treadmill this eve. Wanting to do 10km I started and was so pleased to not be in pain. I ran faster than I have ever run on the treadmill this evening, starting at 10km/hr up to 11.5km/hr for the last two km. Pulling the emergency stop cord half way through wasn’t the smoothest move ever but thankfully I still finished in under an hour and felt fab. Nice way to sweat out the gin!!

It feels odd not to have completed an event this weekend but I am pleased to say I have one next Sunday where I will be part of Team ICP at the Birmingham 10km and I can’t wait.