A bank holiday and the Birmingham 10km

When I started this challenge back in March I didn’t really think it through properly, the Reading half had just been cancelled because of snow, I like the cold, I like running in the cold, I’m not great in the heat and well as for running in it that’s a whole different story! The Southampton half was hot but today was even hotter. Thankfully it was 10km and not a half marathon but it was a much later start of 11am!!

We travelled up to my in laws in Kenilworth yesterday which is always a nice break away. George is super relaxed here and after the most horrendous week both at school and at home we needed a comfortable George. We cannot work out what happened this week because usually if we have a hard week at home he has had a good week at school but he struggled in both places and we have had several large meltdowns and lots of tears from all of us! It was a risk going away for the weekend as it’s another change etc and Andy and I were both apprehensive but thankfully he is being brilliant.

A lovely walk into Kenilworth yesterday with the promise of an ice cream started the bank holiday weekend well. Feeling the heat as we walked I just kept thinking forward to today and running in it!!!

This morning came and I ate my porridge bar (I detest porridge so when Quaker bought out a bar with the promise of as many oats I jumped at it) I got the train into Birmingham and I was already hot!!! I met up with Jenny and Ian, for those of you who don’t know Jenny is the founder and CEO of ICP Support and one of the the most inspirational women I have ever met not to mention hard working. She is also on the same wave length as me and therefore we hit it off and have become great friends. Ian was running today so we walked towards the start. I was actually really nervous again! I wasn’t chasing a Pb I just wanted to get round as it was just crazy hot. We set off and I really struggled with the first few km, I had stupidly left my running belt in my bag and so had to carry my phone and it’s sounds crazy but it really affects my running and it’s not good, lesson learnt!! I managed to get into a pace and settled into a speed I was happy with. The children with water pistols were amazing and the showers at about 6.5km were even better as it was tough, the heat was intense and we were running towards the midday sun. The atmosphere and support was fantastic and helped enormously today to get me through. But who on earth puts a flippen great Hill from 9-10km! Jen was on the home stretch and that helped and then a women who came up beside me could see I was flagging so ran with me the last 400m, she was amazing, her speed was super fast but she stayed with me, she could have gone quicker but she didn’t and I am so thankful to her as she helped me get in under the hour. That’s one thing I have to say runners are the kindest, most polite and friendly bunch of people you will ever meet I’ve decided.

Train Home and Back to reality, George decided this time because I had a medal I wasn’t rubbish after all!! A lovely walk in the woods this afternoon with the two monsters and a happy and peaceful dinner bath and bed time meant a relaxing dinner with a very well deserved glass of wine.

Currently I’m sat in my FIL amazing massage chair which I reckon is the answer for the end of every event!! I’ve now completed 5 of my events out of 20, that’s a quarter of the way there, the next is Thursday, didn’t really think the timings through for May!!

Thank you so much for those who have already sponsored me, if you haven’t and would like to then that would be amazing, I’m running to raise awareness but also much needed funds to ensure every little itch is born safely like George and Phoebe