A 5km Pb and a Pacemaker

Well I’ve learnt tonight that you can lose a lot of fitness in a month!! But what a month it has been. Our half term was a bit crazy, we went away and poor George struggled so much, sensory overload and a fear of Phoebe walking made for a very stressed little boy whose fight or flight mode was definitely fight. He was also poorly towards the end of the week which is very unlike him and again anything like that knocks him off big time, a haircut really was the final straw on the Sunday to send our gorgeous man into an epic nightmare. Going back to school was the most challenging it’s ever been and I was heartbroken to hear he had four horrendous days, thank goodness the Friday which saw us going in for a teddy bears picnic with Phoebe saw our beautiful boy return to his usual self and we ended the week on a positive. Two weeks of a over stimulated, fighting, anxious, intense George makes for a very exhausted mummy and daddy.

Phoebe has mastered walking since my last blog post which means she is now into everything and has completely mastered the stamping her feet in temper 🙈 independent is one word for her, stubborn is another!! She now chases George around the house and giggles as she goes. Quite cute really.

Finally me, since having the heart monitor implanted all was going well, then the week before half term I had three “episodes” a phone call from the hospital on the Friday evening informed me that my heart rate had dropped to 26 bpm in the events and that’s incredibly low!!! They straight away said I couldn’t drive and they would be back in touch. Half term was no problem not driving but when we arrived home I realised our village has no bus and we live in the middle of nowhere!!! It has been a challenging two weeks, my mum and Dad and friends have been amazing and like a personal taxi service, I am so incredibly lucky but it’s so infuriating. I heard from my consultant this week and seems a pacemaker is the option, I went from relief because it means I can drive a week later to when it’s sunk in a little bit of shock and worry. It’s my heart, it’s quite a vital part of me and it’s not doing it’s job properly! I associated pacemakers with older people but there are so many young people with them, seemingly the only issues will be airport security and our Induction hob (which we don’t like anyway 🤣) the recovery process is long in my eyes, no lifting for four weeks, try telling Phoebe that!! I’m going to have to be careful though and do as I’m told for once!!

However even still I managed to do my seventh event tonight, the second summer event at Dinton, I did the 5km tonight and it was hard work!!! I cracked 30mins though so I’m happy. 7/20 done, I may have to walk a couple due to the impending operation but I won’t be beaten!

My next event is next weekend, a colour run in Bath and I can’t wait.

Don’t forget not only am I doing these events because I’m quite enjoying them I’m also doing it to raise awareness and much needed funds for ICP Support, the charity which ensured I have to healthy gorgeous children.

Here is the link to my fundraising page.