Panic over and event 8!

What a month it has been, I don’t think either Andy or I had realised how we had been feeling and how worried we had been since the consultant said I needed a pacemaker within a month!! Let alone the disruption with being unable to drive and living in the middle of nowhere! Fast forward a month and I was referred to a consultant in London as Reading really didn’t know what to do!!

On Wednesday I met Dr Lim, amazing guy and incredibly specialised which was what we needed, the best news ever, I don’t need pacing!! It appears I have ridiculously low blood pressure, he took it three times as even he couldn’t believe it (and that was after two days on medication) but that’s what’s causing all the problems! So the answer, medication and eat more salt!! This is a foreign concept for me, having taught for years how to reduce salt content in the diet etc I rarely use it and I certainly don’t add it at the table!! Now I have to consume at least 10g a day Including 5g in a shot in the morning, two days on and it’s definitely the most vile thing ever!! But it’s not surgery, it’s not a pacemaker and it’s not something that will mean a change in lifestyle so I couldn’t be happier and I’m so relieved. I skipped out of the appointment on Wednesday feeling like a different person. I would lie if I said it hadn’t got to me the last month, not only not being able to drive but also the worry and fear of what I may need. Andy has been amazing, I couldn’t have got through it without him and family and friends (you know who you are) have also been by my side the whole way and physically helping by driving me everywhere!!!!

So now no excuse not to finish this challenge!! Running has taken a bit of a back seat as I’ve also had a hip injury but hoping I’m sorting that as the next two Thursdays I have my July events which are supposed to be 10kms!!! In this heat too!!

I’m looking forward to a weekend with my amazing family as the last three I’ve been away from the children at weddings and an event. Phoebe though is being a little pickle, stroppy and demanding (andy says he can’t think where she gets it from)

George had his school report today and we are so proud of his achievements this year, every day at school is a challenge for him yet he works so extremely hard and has progressed so well. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition into Year 1. Again we are so lucky with his staff, classmates and their parents, we feel so supported and the parents particularly are amazing with George. I can’t believe my baby finishes reception next Friday.

Last Saturday I travelled to Bath to not only catch up with a very good friend but to also complete event 8, an obstacle colour run, it was so hot but absolutely brilliant fun and we had a great time.

So 8 down and 12 to go, thank you so much to those who have sponsored me already, it means so much and is massively appreciated, makes this crazy challenge even more worth it and keeps me going!

Here’s to a hot and happy weekend