How did I get to 11?

As I sit down to update my blog I am shocked to realise I clearly wrote nothing in July, events 9&10 passed with no posts. Apologies to anyone who is actually following this properly. Well here goes….

I did indeed complete event 9 and 10 in July, the first being the Thames 10km at Beale Park, it was awful, the heat was stifling and I struggled but managed it because I’m stubborn! George then finished school for the summer. July 6th and I had 9 weeks ahead of me!! Also how had my boy finished reception class, what a year it has been, many ups and downs. Holidays are always a struggle for George as the normal routines go out the window and he has to adapt to the many changes. We knew it wouldn’t be easy but the first couple of weeks were harder than we thought. Event no 10 was the third in the Dinton Series and I had the privilege of running with my amazing friend Alice as she completed her first running event, I was so proud and it was a fantastic achievement. Also I was excited to have reached half way, I’m not sure when I decided on this challenge back in March I realised just how difficult it would be but I am determined to finish and try and raise what I can for ICP Support.

A week in Cornwall with beautiful weather meant I didn’t manage to run, just over indulge in food and alcohol!! We then headed straight to France where we were incredibly lucky to be staying in our friends chalet, it was a wonderful week but again no running!!

Fast forward to Thursday 9th August and event 11! It wasn’t your typical Thursday, I had answered an ad a while ago about vintage prams, basically my mum had one she used with Andrew and myself and I had made her keep to use with my children, seems these are becoming fashionable and so we are going to appear in the Daily Mail!! It meant we had hair and make up done Thursday before a photo shoot at the house with myself mum and Phoebe!!! Really what I wanted to do Thursday night was go out with Andy for dinner, instead I put on my running vest and headed to Dinton.

I was petrified, I hadn’t run for a month and hadn’t completed 10km for over a month!!! But I wanted that medal as the four of the series create one!! Plus anyone who knows me knows once I set myself a challenge I don’t give up!!! My gorgeous friend Alice knew I was worried so came along to support me as did Dad, Andrew and Millie. The support was immense and I couldn’t have done it without them. It was tough, it poured with rain in the first ten mins so I was soaked and got a blister early on!! But thanks to a lovely running friend who I met at the first of this series we ran together and finished together. Event 11 complete.

In other news my medication has been doubled as they cannot increase my blood pressure enough so I’m eating lots of salt too!! Phoebe potty trained herself while we were away!! However she has become a very headstrong pickle. My mum just appears to sit back and laugh muttering the words I can’t think where she gets it from 🙈 George is doing much better and enjoying the holidays now and I’ve escaped to Cornwall with my bestie and the children for a few days. I joined slimming world properly and on my first weigh in today I lost 3lbs. I need to book event 12 and I also need to start training again properly! I also took my dad to the Athletics World Cup in London, I upgraded our tickets to include hospitality and it was the best evening, what a way to watch the Athletics and so wonderful to be able to enjoy it with my dad who has devoted his life to the sport.

I am currently helping to organise a particularly exciting event for ICP Support, more details to follow. Don’t forget if you would like to sponsor me literally every bit helps, as a small charity which helps people all over the world we rely so much on our fundraisers and I’m just pleased I can do my bit.