Rain, hills and more rain

Picture the scene, a bank holiday weekend in August, no children for over 24 hours and a lot of rain, the old me would have enjoyed more gin last night when we went out and would have still been asleep at 11am!! But no, since I hadn’t run my second event in August and I’m not going to give up on my challenge instead we were eating porridge at 9am and venturing out into the pouring rain. The Englefield 10km is thankfully only down the road but I had forgotten how hilly the estate was!!

I had entered Andy to run with me as I didn’t really want to do it on my own!! It was absolutely pouring with rain so we were soaked before we even started! It was super hilly, very uneven underfoot and hard work so I am extremely happy to report I managed a time of 1hr 3mins. I do have Andy to thank for keeping me going. So that’s event 12 completed. 12/20.

I was more nervous about today as I haven’t really managed to run since the 10km at the beginning of August. I developed a horrendous headache which just got worse and worse and appears to have been caused by my blood pressure medication so I’ve currently come off that before I see my consultant to work out where we go from here. In addition it’s been a long month with the children. Phoebe appears to have hit the terrible twos early, demanding certain clothes in the morning and learning how to have a temper tantrum in the street are all things she seems to have perfected in the last few weeks!

I’ve got to admit I’m actually looking forward to starting work in September!! I’m not sure many teachers will say they are happy about the start of term! Phoebe has had two nursery visits and seems to love it, she has one more this week where she stays for longer and I think she will be just fine.

In addition I’ve been doing slimming world since the beginning of August, properly, actually being weighed in a group on a Saturday morning! I’ve lost 11lbs so I’m very pleased.

I could have easily stayed in the warm and dry this morning, trust me part of me wanted to but then I remembered why I’m doing this challenge, I’m doing it to raise money for ICP Support, in the last week I’ve helped two local women who have been diagnosed and it brings it all back to me, the fear, the itch, the battle to be heard. It’s not what anyone wants but particularly when you are pregnant. When I hear that there are midwives locally who have no idea about the condition, doctors in units that just brush it off it makes me so angry and even more determined to work hard with the charity so we can raise awareness, fund more research and ensure that every little itch is born safely and that women automatically have access in all hospitals to the correct information and to professionals that instil confidence at this scary time.

Please if you can have a look at my page and if you can donate to this worth cause. It means so much and you just don’t know who may need the help if ICP Support.

Thank you